The MPWC – Singles will adopt the match play rules as set forth by the PDGA (which includes following all standard PDGA rules of play unless superseded by the specific match play rules):

There are two exceptions/clarifications to these rules:
A pair of opponents plays in a group with at least one other pair, or an Official.
Exception: During MPWC matches, another pair or official is not required.

If a pair of players is all square at the end of the round, the match is tied. The Director decides if and how ties are to be broken.
Breaking Ties: MPWC matches that end up all square after 18 holes will begin a sudden death playoff starting on the first hole that they had begun their round on.

Reporting Results

As each match is completed, the winning player should report the final score to The bracket will be posted on UDisc and will be updated each time a result is reported. Results must be reported within 24 hours of a match being complete.